Everything everybody knows about SCP-231

The infamous SCP-231 and procedure 110-Montauk has brought questions to many that reads it. It’s surrounded by secrecy, it’s nasty, and we’re curious as hell. Doing some research on the topic, I guess it would be nice if there’s someone who would kindly sums it up for all the curious poor people on the internet. Let’s start!

Quick summary, SCP-231-1 through 7 are bunch of female, pregnant with unknown horror that could brought disaster upon mankind.  To stop them from giving birth, the fishy procedure 110-Montauk has to be done routinely. The Foundation secure them in a raid from some “Satanic Sex Cult”. In the hands of The Foundation, SCP-231-1 through 6 expired because various reasons (giving birth to the horrors, suicide, etc). Which left us with SCP-231-7.

We gonna do it part by part okay.

Facts around SCP-231 site personnel:

  • Personnel who handle SCP-231-7 are special. They are selected because they have high degree of obedience, loyalty to The Foundation, and no offspring. Other than that, mild sociopath tendency and sexual deviancy are okay.
  • SCP-231-7 daily needs are monitored by medical personnel who have not taken Hippocratic Oath.
  • They would kick out any personnel that shows sympathy from the site.
  • Personnels that have been assigned to handle SCP-231 are allowed to take amnesiac and false memory would be planted upon leaving the project.
  • At least one agent has tried to assist SCP-231 to escape containment cells
  • At least a doctor commit suicide

Assumption from these facts: The procedure 110-Montauk are REALLY HORRIFYING. They need personnel with the guts to handle that, people who are either really obedient and loyal or kinda sick. Even that aren’t enough. Some of these guys can’t handle it, in the end they either resign, got amnesiac, false memory, continue in another project, or broke down in the end.

What’s so terrifying about this procedures? Let’s see the facts about 110-Montauk;

  • The procedure failed once and to fix it, the class-D personnel that execute it should be sex offender.
  • It carried out once every 24 hours by 6 class-D personnel with convicted sex offender background.
  • SCP-231-3 killed herself because she can’t take it anymore. The procedure is causing to much distress.
  • Reduced emotional response from SCP-231 during procedure 110-Montauk are said to cause the said procedure to fail.
  • To maintain emotional response they use amnesiac on SCP-231-7 periodically.

There are several assumption to what procedure 110-Montauk really is in various forums. Most commonly it’s involve brutally raping  SCP-231 until they miscarry. Some even say something as far as baby fuck. But it could also be brutally tickling the SCP-231. Fact is, nobody knows what the author intended it to be.

About the creature they give birth to. SCP-231-1 to 6 have gave birth to something according the document. They block out the report, but it shows that it was a two digit SCP. Now, if this is not some trick to make more confusion and what came out of her is a real SCP, there were several possibilities. There’s only 98 SCPs with two digit number (SCP 01 are out of the list). We know it’s a really bad thing, so it’s suppose to be in the Keter class. If we eliminate structural Keter SCP, our best shot is SCP-58.

Hey, wait a minute! All those girls gave birth (and died) after they were rescued by the SCP. Yeah, apparently those “Satanic Sex Cult” are doing the same thing the SCP Foundation does later; preventing them from giving birth. There’s some plot twist here. Let’s delve deeper into SCP-231 itself.

There’s a secret message contained within the SCP-231 page. One was a poem.

they gather round the natal bed, the foolish and the wise. they fear the child yet to be born, whose voice shall rend the skies.

the faithful watch the forest for the coming of the King. their lanterns bright, they wait at night for the new world he shall bring.

the dragon waits in shadows, his breath will scorch the land. the hero in the castle draws his sword and makes his stand.

the princess in the tower is hidden far away. but nothing under heaven can keep The Groom at bay.

they gather round with leering smiles, the soulless and the dead. though her soul unwinds, the cruelest minds will keep her in her bed.

the potter told his ‘prentice to prepare him seven jars. six he made with grace and skill, the last his hands did mar.

the cretin moon no more is howling, gone its mourning black. in their dreams its face is prowling, come to take them back.

the King is in his courting clothes, the brides are in their beds. the unborn princes wait in sleep to raise their eager heads.

the hens were in the henhouse and seven eggs did lay, till the fox crept in by dark of night and stole the eggs away.

six were broken by their bindings six no more shall sing. comes the seventh full unwinding and all the bells will ring.

when the first had given birth, then all the birds did sing. her screaming cries did shake the skies, as she called out for her King.

by doctor’s blade the second bade a life into the world. untimely hewn neath a silent moon, the King’s red flag unfurled.

his bride the third remained unheard, her cries for help ignored. she stopped her life with a surgeon’s knife, and gave it to Our Lord.

the fourth prepares a dagger and places it at her heart. the perfect cure cannot make pure what the King has set apart.

the fifth one’s crown was bearing down upon the fox’s set. the den was sundered with mighty thunder, an apocalypse beget.

on the sixth’s day, the walls gave way, and the oceans turned to ash. her birth gave work, as the earth shook, underneath the King’s fell lash

the seventh bride will break the tides the moon no more will shine. there comes a day not far away she’ll birth the death of time.

It’s supposely talk about SCP-231-1 through 7. A little bit vague now, but you will get a brighter picture after you read the counterpart for SCP-231. I’ll show it later.

Another is a note, most possibly written by the suicide doctor.

Don’t believe it when they say they’re trying to save her. Why would they bother? They’ve got exactly what they want exactly where they want it.

It’s refering to the O5 message that basicly say: This is a really horrible thing, but we must do it to ensure human safety.

The next secret message is about the doctor and the O5 decision to use amnesiac on SCP-231-7. This will cause her to start a new memory. Re-living the terror of procedure 110-Montauk anew.

the doctor never tells his god which one he really seeks. instead he hides himself away, and quietly, he weeps.

their god’s own voice, he makes the choice, declaring with their word. “in fear and pain let her remain, lest she be like the third.”

the doctor’s gun ended his run, as he put it to his ear. as she was defiled, the pitied child, he gave it to his fear.

her memory a fickle thing, the strongest shall endure. when her weeping starts to waver, their drugs make her mind pure.

The last secret message was extremely annoying. I believe it was left by the author for any men that was trying to find more information about his story, the SCP-231


Fuckin deuce. He build his legacy around all the people died of curiosity.

Good news is, this can sate some of your curiosity; SCP-2317. Remember what I said about counterpart? Just read it, it’s awesome, and it has connection to SCP-231.


31 thoughts on “Everything everybody knows about SCP-231

  1. You people always forget the first verse:
    seven seals, seven rings. seven brides for the scarlet king

    Though perhaps it is the title of the hidden poem. I don’t know. I just want to know who the scarlet king is.

  2. There are references to bible verses hidden in the text:

    In Addendum 231-d, Proverbs 1:32 is referenced: “For the waywardness of the naive will kill them, And the complacency of fools will destroy them.”

    In Addendum 231-e, Ezekiel 6:14 is referenced: “So throughout all their habitations I will stretch out My hand against them and make the land more desolate and waste than the wilderness toward Diblah; thus they will know that I am the LORD.”

    In Addendum 231-f, Revelation 18:21-24 is referenced: “Then a strong angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, “So will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer. “And the sound of harpists and musicians and flute-players and trumpeters will not be heard in you any longer; and no craftsman of any craft will be found in you any longer; and the sound of a mill will not be heard in you any longer; and the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery. “And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all who have been slain on the earth.””

  3. You know what’s nuts! I was walking from place to place today, but was totally in a SCP mood, so I highlighted all the text for SCP-231 on my iPhone and had it read aloud back to me. It was my first time reading it.

    The poems stanzas were read aloud to me, sprinkled amidst all the printed text. I kept thinking something was wrong. And then I thought I’d unlocked a secret.

    I was so glad to have discovered it that way.

  4. Ok, the seven cries refer to the seven bowls which refers to the seven rings witch refers to the three knights which then refers to 7 angels, the seven angels are those women, one left. Repent all

  5. I’m guessing the entry has been updated significantly since this post was written (2014/05/30) because there is no reference of “sex offenders” being used for the Procedure 110-Montauk. I also don’t see where the poem is. So unless this is hidden in some way in some way it seems that it has been EXPUNGED. Btw, I think it’s better without the direct sex offenders reference. You still kind of imagine that something horrific of that sort is what is going on but you can’t be 100% either way. If you knew a sexual offender was needed for this well, it’s pretty much a given what the procedure is.

    • It is there Weeber. Sample: SCP-231-1 (deceased ██-██-████): Killed during initial recovery operations while giving birth to SCP-██. See Casualty Report for Event 231-Alpha for more details. when the first had given birth, then all the birds did sing. her screaming cries did shake the skies, as she called out for her King.

      The text is just extremely small on the article itself so simply highlight and copy and past the article onto a word document.

  6. I’ve always thought of this as the golden goose story. A group gets 7 women perpetually pregnant that gives birth to something very useful….if it comes to full term. If it does not come to full term, bad things happen. Since The Foundation wants it to come to full term so that they can get the “golden egg” they are not about to stop procedure 110-Montauk. But since the women are fated to give birth, every day for the rest of their lives just to create the golden egg, you can see why the six prisoners have to to have specific psychological traits. Mainly, no qualms about watching a woman give birth, every day, just so someone else gains by it. Someone who has no conscience does nicely. Like prisoners in prisons do. But they can’t be violent or they might kill the woman. End of golden eggs.

    By the way, giving birth is as brutal as anything can get. Shit, blood, torn skin, sweat, tears, screaming, pain and all sorts of brutality is going on…in the name of creation.

    SCP-231-1 died by accident when trying to capture the seven.
    SCP-231-2 died while trying to separate the process from the woman.
    SCP-231-3 died when she realized she would be giving birth every day for the rest of her life and committed suicide.
    SCP-231-4 died when they “cured” her of the process but the unfinished product caused mass destruction.
    SCP-231-5 died while creating the protocol for procedure 110-montauk.
    SCP-231-6 died when someone had the compassion to “Free” the last 2 women from the foundation and it’s protocol.
    SCP-231-7 is currently popping out “golden eggs” for the foundation….for the rest of her natural life.

    Now you may wonder why they administer a Class A Amnestic. They want her to WANT to give birth. I’ve seen mothers, after a 5th or 6th child, just give up on pushing when the doctor says push. The foundation couldn’t have that now, could they? That would be the end of the “golden egg” a day!

    So believe it when you read:

    Don’t believe it when they say they’re trying to save her. Why would they bother? They’ve got exactly what they want exactly where they want it.

    It’s in the SCP if you know where to look. Of course, I’m probably wrong. It’s probably something else cause you know, humans are good. Just look at all the foundation does.

    • but what about the line about the seventh? “the seventh bride will break the tides the moon no more will shine. there comes a day not far away she’ll birth the death of time.” this line implies that if the foundation keeps making her give birth, she will one day give birth to the bringer of the apocalypse. thats just my take on it though.

  7. Theres a story on the SCP website called “Fear Alone” and it reveals what Procedure-110 Montauk really is. Look it up!

  8. the story “New Job” says that the child of the 4th scarlet bride is SCP-682. also SCP-999 is a child of the seventh scarlet bride.

  9. This is all wrong. Read the article “new job” SCP 682 is bride fours daughter. The thing seventh daughter wasn’t broken by her father. She gave birth to SCP 999. That’s the weapon they have against the scarlet king. 110 mountuak was abandoned, and now 231-7 is living a thousand miles away with a new identity. You think you dug deep? Wrong.

  10. From what I understand she is a young woman about the age of 8-12 or 9-13. She needs to be constantly traumatized in a high stress situation, I believe this is done to make her likely to miscarry her child. The procedure done to her while horrible, lets say its sexual assault as horrible as that is. When done daily it scarily becomes your new norm, so her memory is erased to keep her innocence pure, only for her to be defiled yet again with a fresh mind. I believe there is also two options that is done here, one requires a doctor to forcibly cause her to miscarry through unethical methods. I think its more than tickling, I think its more than just normal childbirth. I believe its sexual assault because she is tied to her bed, force fed forced hydrated and is now expecting to be molested in a forceful and aggressive way which causes her stress and anxiety to constantly be high to ensure her miscarry. She is only untied and unbound from her bed during this procedure, to give her the chance to fight only to be violated against her will as she struggles beneath them.

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